About Us

We proudly serve the Edmonton Metro Area!

About the Lead Instructor

Peter Sopczak is the Lead Driving Instructor of the Calm+Confident Driving School. Peter has over four years of successful teaching experience and over ten years of professional experience driving limousines, buses, and heavy trucks. With his experience, Peter knows ins and outs of the road and how to help new drivers find their footing.

Our Core Values


We strive to build confidence in our students through our in-class lessons and online training.


We are driven to train our students with safety principles such as defensive driving.


We focus on successful outcomes, evident by how successful our graduates are at obtaining their licences.

Peter has a great track record of serving the community

Our mission

We want to empower new drivers by helping them gain the confidence to get behind the wheel. 

We want the opportunity to pass on the tools to create successful  drivers.

A confident driver is a safe driver.

Our passion

We are passionate about educating new drivers about safety, and building their confidence.